This shape owes its name to the reuse of the pieces of pasta dough that were torn during the preparation of lasagna, in a process similar to that used to produce maltagliati when making tagliatelle. Stracci are also called stracce, sagne stracce or rombi in central Italy (Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise).

Traditionally made by hand using wholemeal semolina or spelt, pasta factories now have a special die for directly creating this shape that has since become essential.

Ideal with

Stracci are great with any type of sauce, from fish to meat sauces (or game) or simply with oil and a sprinkle of cheese. As for vegetables, they are excellent with a succulent pesto or a chickpea and rosemary sauce.

Company owner Marco Fabbri suggests trying stracci with wild boar sauce with fennel seeds and lacinato kale.