Taglierini or tagliolini are a type of thin, drawn tagliatelle with the addition of fresh eggs to the semolina. They are traditionally prepared in bundles; in the past they were measured with an overturned mug. A version of taglierini made without egg also exists, as does a longer version called “erba di mare” in some coastal areas.

In the past those of Molise and Apulia believed that eating egg noodles would improve a new mother’s milk. For this reason, it was customary to offer new parents a tray of noodles along with two pigeons for making a good broth.

There are several names for this type of noodle from North to South, with many variations in the preparation of the dough. To name a few, they are called “tajarin” in Piedmont, “tajarille” in Abruzzo and Molise or “tajulì pilusi” in Marche.

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Taglierini are wonderful both on their own combined with delicate sauces based on fish or vegetables, as well as in soups.