Taglierini or tagliolini are a type of thin tagliatelle that are traditionally made in skeins: in the past they were measured with an overturned mug. A version of taglierini made with egg also exists, as does a longer version called “erba di mare” in some coastal areas. 

The use of eggs to make taglierini is now prevalent in Italy, but there is also a tradition of preparing the dough with just wholemeal flour, water and salt. Tagliati pelosi or “tajuli pilusi” made this way are still a speciality of the Marche region today. They are said to be hairy (pelosi in Italian) because of the veil that forms on the surface after cooking due to the lack of eggs.

Ideal with 

Taglierini are wonderful both on their own combined with delicate sauces based on fish or vegetables, as well as in soups. In Romagna, taglierini are traditionally baked in the dish known as basotti (or bassotti) seasoned with butter and Parmesan cheese.

Giovanni Fabbri suggests enjoying these taglierini with a sauce with a butter and truffle base.