Raw Ingredients

Our company uses 100% Italian wheat chosen according to its nutritional properties and the amount and quality of its gluten.

The wheat is ground by mills we trust which must never heat the wheat at any time during the processin order to maintain the product’s organoleptic properties.

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Production: delicate pasta-making

Original machinery from the 1950s, bronze dies from the early 1900s and the use of “very low” temperatures in order to maintain the product’s organoleptic properties: this is what makes our processing method unique, and Fabbri Pasta exceptional.

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Natural drying: from three to six days

pasta artigianale giovanni fabbri

At Pastificio Fabbri, the temperatures and processing methods have remained those of the early 20th century when thermo-mechanical dryers were patented, bringing the drying times to three-six days depending on the shape. The result: a “living”, highly digestible pasta that smells like wheat.

pasta artigianale giovanni fabbri