Key information: 
17,5 Cm (bell) X 4 Cm (internal diameter), Brass and iron, early 20th century


The extrusion press is a machine used for carrying out the delicate phase of the shaping for domestic, handcrafted and industrial production of pasta through die-drawing.

This object is a vertical extrusion press for domestic use, called “Bigolaro” in the region of Veneto. The die plate was placed at the end of the press («the bell») and thanks to its incisions of diverse shapes and sizes, allowed the pasta to be extruded in the desired form. Then, the dough was cut by the pasta maker or by a rotative mechanical knife that was placed outside the die plate. The bell was filled with a dough and the press was activated manually with special handles.

The object is in position of “torchiata”, ready to be used.

These small presses were sold accompanied by a kit of six die plates with a production capacity of semolina comprised between 300 grams and 1 Kg (depending on the bell’s internal diameter).

Inventory number : 018.89